Since 2014

Riga Student Apartment was established in 2014 as a result of the high demand of the accomodation for both international and local students, as well as for those having internship or young professionals. Our team is pleased to help you with the searching for an appropriate place for your future staying in Riga. Being students we tend to arrange your accomodation in a more appropriate for young people way, taking into consideration your wish to study and to have a good time simultaneously .

We offer a wide range of rooms and aparments for those coming to Riga alone or with friends. All the apartments are located in the very centre of the Riga city, allowing students to reach their universities by walking in case the institution is located in the centre, or by direct public transport when the university is placed further from the central area.

Our Standard

1. Individual approach
Each request is handled individually regarding tenants preferences, tastes and needs. We tend to make your staying as comfortable as possible in relation to your future flatmates, location and house environment.
2. Daily Support
Your comfort is our priority. We are always glad to help with any questions related to your time in Riga, such as attractions, best places to have a good time, to watch a football match, to eat, to drink, to dance, to live.
3. Wide Choice
A wide range of accomodation items such as rooms and apartments are offered, being distinguished in location, space, level, number of rooms in one apartment, number of flatmates, and etc.
4. Agreement
An official contract signed by the owner and the tenant is developed according to the points discussed and agreed, taking into consideration the rulles and conditions settled by the owner, and preferences requested by the tenant.

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